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Chopsticks _ Mutsumi Hashi

Wouldn’t you enjoy having a meal in a fashionable atmosphere,
using these chopsticks joined together with MIZUHIKI?
The Japanese word “Mutsumi-Hashi (chopsticks)” conveys
a sense of “enjoying a meal with a loved one.”
When using the chopsticks, the dynamic movement of
MIZUHIKI creates an even happier meal.

  • Package:1pc/1pck
  • Size:H265mm
  • Box size:W75 x H290 x D23mm


Materials:Silk MIZUHIKI(Japanese twined paper,Silk), Bamboo
Hand Made in Ehime prefecture, Japan
Patented design

Color variation 1pc/1 pck(Code_Color)

H01-S Pale Purple
H02-S Pale Blue
H03-S Orange
H04-S Fucsia
H05-S Yellow Green
H06-S Beige
*Each MIZUHIKI is an original - they are hand made.
*Hand wash only. (Do not get MIZUHIKI wet.)