History of Mizuhiki

What is the MIZUHIKI ?

MIZUHIKI is made using Japanese paper which has been twisted, pasted,
and heat dried under tension.
This process is repeated, and although MIZUHIKI is paper,
it develops a flexible strong tension like wire.
Furthermore, our OEY products use high-quality MIZUHIKI intertwined with
silk thread, providing further enjoyment in various beautiful colors.

The origin of MIZUHIKI goes back to the seventh century.

MIZUHIKI originated at the beginning of 7th century when
envoys brought presents from Sui China bound with red and white linen cords.
The imperial court of Japan liked the effect and took up this custom.
By beginning of eleventh century, paper twine had taken from linen. Paper string,
until then used for tying up hair, was also used for the decorative binding of gifts.

The Mister’s crafting beauty.

Each MIZUHIKI is an original. they are hand made by
MIZUHIKI Mister who is certified as a Mister in Ehime prefecture, Japan.
Craftsman make these paper twine bindings and
knots by hand in a set of procedures,
all of which require a high degree of skill.
Betrothals and weddings provide the occasions for
the most splendid and delicate decorations,
when the style and quality of decoration are considered
proof of the giver’s sensibility and feelings.